Beaver Safari by Canoe



We have teamed up with local canoeing experts to deliver this new tour, which takes place on a sheltered section of the River Tay close to Perth, or on a small loch close to Blairgowrie.

Canoeing is an ideal way to get close to wildlife with minimal disturbance and we usually see a variety of bird life as well as the local beaver lodge, beaver trails, evidence of feeding and  the beavers themselves (and although we can never guarantee wildlife sightings, we see the beavers on around 60% of our canoe safaris). The best time to see the beavers is in the evening but we can run the tour at any time.

The Beaver Safari by Canoe includes canoeing instruction, your canoe, buoyancy aid, guiding by your wildlife guide and a wee dram at the end!

Prices for a 2 hour event with 2-6  participants are £50 per person.  Clyde Muirshiel Rangers have a blog article about their trip here:

Contact Daniele for availability on:

Key species: European beaver, Kingfisher, Osprey, Sand martin, Heron, Sandpiper.

Wildlife Water Tour by Canoe Photo by Piotr Gudan