Half-day Beaver Safari



This trip takes in two beaver locations where they live in different habitats. The first part of the trip goes to a location where beavers have built a series of amazing dams and we can easily see how they have changed the surroundings to produce wetlands. This is followed by a trip to a nearby river to enjoy an evening of watching the beaver family that lives there. With their lodge in the riverbank and no dams, these beavers have had a minimal impact on their environment.

This is a great trip to learn all about the history of beavers in Scotland, their life story, how they re-appeared in Perthshire and why they are so important to the ecology of our rivers and wetlands. Although we can never guarantee wildlife sightings, we have had a 100% success rate on our evening trips in 2018 and 2017.

This safari is for up to four people and will last approx four hours in the afternoon and evening.

Key species: European beaver, Kingfisher, Sand martin, Dipper, Goosander.